Alexander Bastykin meets President of Russian Union of Writers Valery Ganichev

Chairman of the Russia’s Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin has had a meeting with President of the Russian Union of Writers PhD in history Valery Ganichev.

The meeting discussed issues of moral state of the public, education of the younger generation which as strangely as it may seem are at the basis of economy and law and order. Namely, the Investigative Committee Chairman pointed out that in addition to the qualities most important to investigators such as professionalism, experience and expertise that come with time, they also   look at moral development of candidates while recruiting. This is the issue great attention is paid to in working with cadets and students of the Investigative Committee Academy, as well as young investigators. Mr. Ganichev supported the Investigative Committee Chairman noting that it was a foundation of many professions and especially that one of investigator, because people’s fait depends on their honesty and integrity.

The parties also made a conclusion that literature plays a tremendous part in cultivating such qualities as patriotism, honesty and compassion. It was noted that despite great influence of mass media, the Internet and television, literature still plays a considerable part in Russian people’s lives.

During the dialogue, the parties discussed certain issues of cooperation between the Russia’s Investigative Committee and Union of Writers related to the topic under discussion. The meeting was also attended President of International Public Foundation “Outstanding Commanders and Naval Commanders of the Motherland” Alexander Sukharev and assistant to the Chairman of the Russia’s Investigative Committee Yuri Lekanov.

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