Investigative Committee Chairman takes part in All-Russian Assembly of SSDMS

Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin took part in the All-Russian Assembly summarizing performance of the Single State Disaster Management System, measures of civil defense in 2015 and to set tasks for 2016.

In his speech, Mr. Bastrykin told about the results of interagency cooperation, noting that: “divisions of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations render invaluable services to investigative authorities by transporting investigative teams to the scene in hard-to-reach areas, ensure their safety, run forensic tests and inquiries, provide data from information systems and data bases, take active part in searching for missing children and other socially unprotected categories of citizens”. Namely, the Chairman said that in 0213-2015, investigators of the Investigative Committee together with authorities of the Emergencies Ministry set out about 7,000 times to examine crime scenes.

Talking about positive practice of cooperation on regional level, Mr. Bastrykin pointed out that “a number of territorial authorities of the Investigative Committee and Emergency Ministry have set up joint working groups to investigate complicated crimes related to fires, missing people or emergency situations.” “Most regions have started joint efforts to introduce all-Russian integrated system for information and notification of people in places holding large numbers of people (OKSION) into searching for missing people”.

On the example of some investigations, the Chairman explaned that “investigators have appreciated assistance of Emergency Ministry psychologists, who help to reduce intense stress reactions of victims and the risk of mass negative reactions, preparing the victims and eyewitnesses to being questioned”.

In the conclusion Mr. Bastrykin wished the present officials effective work and further success for the benefit of the homeland, and awarded the Minister of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergency Situations and Disaster Relief Vladimir Puchkov with a badge “Honored Employee of the Investigative Committee” and a medal “For Service” and some other senior officials of the Ministry medals “For Assistance”. 

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