In Sverdlovsk Region, organizer of private day care center where fire injured several children

The Sverdlovsk Region Office of the Investigative Committee during the investigation into a fire that happened on 25 March 2016 in a private day care center located in 8 Marta Street in the city of Yekaterinburg has charged a 38-year-old man, who organized the facility with a crime under Part 2, item “b” of Article 238 of the RF Penal Code (rendering services that do not meet life and health safety standards and meant for children under the age of 6).

The investigators have revealed, that the man started providing care about children, including the ones under the age of 6 years in autumn 2014. He ran the business without necessary registration as a sole proprietor and without forming a legal entity. He had rented different dwelling spaces and used them for the private day care center. He put advertisements in busy places and got money from the parents of the children by transferring to his bank card or on his mobile phone account. Foodstuffs were bought to give meals to the children. However, no proper attention had been paid to the safety of the children or staff which eventually led to the fire. The accused has been released on recognizance pending trial.

The investigators are considering two versions of the incident: careless handling of fire and a short circuit.

At present, the investigators continue carrying out operations necessary to find out all the details of the incident, gathering and registering the evidence. By all means they are going to give legal evaluation to the fact that the man was running his business without necessary registration and without any regulating documents. Forensic inquiries are continued to find out exact reasons for the fire and the degree of injuries sustained by the children. The most seriously injured was a 2-year-old boy, who suffered 2-3 degree burns to 8% of his body. The health of other three children who were also taken to hospital is out of danger. The investigation is ongoing.