Special section Protect Children on Investigative Committee website

The Investigative Committee pays special attention to investigation of crimes committed against children. Each act of violence against children leaves an indelible trace in our souls and memory. The famous expression by a Russian classic is most appropriate here: “The whole world is not worth a tear of a child”.

The desire to prevent children’s sufferings underlies the decision to create a resource gathering the evidence of the most horrific crimes committed against underage citizens of the Russian Federation. We are convinced that the subsection Protect Children (in the section Media Relations) on the website of the Investigative Committee is the only way to prevent crimes against minors and a reminder about unavoidability of punishment.

The section will publish audacious and well-known facts of murder, violence and torture of Russian children, including those involving foreign citizens. Each case will be supplemented with photographs of both the accused and the convicts, because people should know them by sight.

The users will also get information on psychological aid and instructions for adults and children to take cue from in difficult life situations.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                               V.I. Markin