Chairman of Investigative Committee thanks school children in Jewish Autonomous Region for assistance in solving major crime

Today, on the Knowledge Day, the officers of the Jewish Autonomous Region Office of the Investigative Committee have visited a school in Smidovich District.

The school had been picked not at random as the investigators not only congratulated children on the beginning of a new school year and wished them good marks, but they also executed the order of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin by awarding a letter of commendation on his behalf – “For assistance in accomplishing missions of the RF Investigative Committee” to a fifth-grader Pavel Konovalov.

The 11-year-old helped the investigators solve the kidnapping of his peer in January 2016 in the settlement of Volochayevka-1, which left no residents of the region and country untouched. It was thanks to Pavel’s actions, who had witnessed the crime and reported it to investigators immediately, that massive search operation was launched in three regions of Russia. The boy’s attentiveness and the fact that he was not afraid to report the crime helped the investigators to track down the perpetrator, find the girl, arrest the kidnapper and return the girl to her parents sound and healthy. The investigation against the kidnapper has been completed and now he is reading the criminal records.

What Pavel did is a great example for his peers, because in a difficult situation the 11-year-old displayed some qualities that even a lot of adults don’t have. Officers of the Investigative Committee wish Pavel good health, success in his studies, faithful and caring friends!

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                               V.I. Markin