Alexander Nevsky Cadet School of Investigative Committee celebrates knowledge day

On 1 September 2016, the Alexander Nevsky Cadet School of the Investigative Committee held a solemn event dedicated to the beginning of a new academic year and the Knowledge Day.

The solemnity of the environment was felt long before the official start of the event. Cadets’ parents and relatives arrived at the school in celebration mood. Flowers, smiles and decorated buildings demonstrated that there will be a celebration.

The event started with cadets lining on the school’s parade ground. Director of the Cadet School, Hero of the Soviet Union, Major General of Justice Igor Zaporozhan congratulated the cadets on the Knowledge Day. Vice Chairman of the Investigative Committee Major General of Justice Igor Krasnov wished the teachers and cadets to continue and develop best traditions of the cadetship in Russia, adding that 50% of the 2016 graduates joined Investigative Committee’s universities. Words of welcome and congratulations were also said by: Chairman of the Presidium of the National Association of investigative bodies’ veterans organizations and the Investigation Veterans’ Union Vladimir Dontsov, Deputy Prefect of the Moscow’s Southeastern Administrative District Yuri Besedin, President of the Club of Heroes of the USSR, Heroes of the Russian Federation and full holders of the Order of Glory Nikolai Antoshkin, President of the Cadet School’s Parents’ Committee Maria Arbuzova, parents of first-year cadets.

Veterans of the Investigative Committee and Prosecutor General’s Office took active part in the celebration. All platoons had lessons during which guests of honor told the cadets about basics of the work of investigative bodies and shared their experience.

The cadets gave the teachers and guests of honor flowers. At the end of the celebration the cadets took pictures with their parents and guests of honor.