Alexander Bastrykin orders that men fighting back police in St. Petersburg be prosecuted

Following an order given by Investigative Committee Chairman Alexander Bastrykin, the Saint Petersburg Directorate of the Investigative Committee has opened an investigation in the use of violence against representatives of authorities under part 1 of Article 318 of the RF Penal Code against persons who did not submit to legal demands of police officers and fought back.

As became known earlier, On 30 December 2016, several men grossly violated public order in Vyborg District of Saint Petersburg near Lesnaya metro station and were stopped by police officers. When the police officers asked the men to show their ID papers, the latter ones refused to submit and continued their aggressive behavior. One of the men tried to get hold of the officer’s gun, so the officer had to shoot at the man’s hand to stop him. Before doing so, he had made a warning shot in the air.

By now all of perpetrators have been delivered to the police precinct. Investigators are looking into the role of each one of them in the crime. Their arrest will be decided following interrogations and other investigative operations.


Acting Head of Media Relations                                                                                                             S.L. Petrenko