Several probes launched in children’s inflatable bouncers injuring in Irkutsk Region

Following checks the Irkutsk Region Office of the Investigative Committee has launched four investigations against two sole proprietors providing trampoline attractions suspected of unsafe services under Part 1 of Article 238 of the RF Criminal Code after several children got hurt on their inflatable bouncers in the town of Angarsk.

According to investigators, four children were injured over the past month on inflatable bouncers mounted in Festival shopping mall, Neftehkimik park and Striotelei park.

A 6-year-old girl broke her finger on the bouncer in Stroitelei park on 9 May. A 5-year-old boy got his right forearm broken while bouncing on the trampoline in Festival shopping mall on 13 May. A 7-year-old child got a closed fracture of the left forearm in Neftekhimik park on 21 May. A 4-year-old boy got his shinbone fractured on the bouncer in Festival shopping mall on 25 May.

By now the investigators have identified and interrogated the owners of the trampolines. The victims are going to get forensic medical examination, while the trampolines are going to get a technical one. A request to eliminate contributing factors is planned to be filed with the town administration. The investigators are ongoing.