Murder investigation launched against son of resident of house toppled by gas explosion in Udmurtia

The Head Office of the Investigative Committee continues the investigation into collapse of an apartment building in the town of Izhevsk opened in unsafe services entailing death of two or more people under Part 3 of Article 238 of the RF Criminal Code.

As became known earlier, Alexander Kopytov, who lived with his mother in the flat that was the epicenter of the explosion, was detained. After Kopytov was questioned, investigators launched against him a probe in murder of two or more people committed by a generally dangerous way under Part 2 of Article 105 of the RF Criminal Code. According to a preliminary version, the motive was a personal one. The suspect is now being questioned. As the investigators doubt Kopytov’s mental health, a psychiatric evaluation will be ordered soon.


Spokesperson for the Investigative Committee                                                                                                 S. Petrenko