Young man who shot people in Kerch College identified

The Investigative Committee continues to work over the probe into the incident in the Kerch Technical College. The investigators and forensic experts have launched the crime scene examination. The initial examination of the victims proves them to have died of gun-shot wounds.

Efficiently, the young man was identified who came to the college short of the incident and, according to a video tape, held a gun. The young man is Vladislav Roslyakov, an 18-year-old fourth-year student of the college. His body with a gun-shot wound was found in one of the college rooms.

With reference to the crime scene, the investigators have a preliminary belief that the young man shot the people in the college and then committed suicide. Thus, the probe into an offence under Article 205 of the Criminal Code of Russia was re-classified to an offence under Part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code of Russia (murder of two or more persons committed with especial cruelty).

At the moment, the scene is being examined by a crime scene investigation team. Items and traces relevant to the investigation are being seized; the interrogation of witnesses and eye-witnesses continues. Shortly, forensic and other analyses are to be arranged.

Official spokesperson for the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation                                        S. Petrenko