Cadet movement of the Investigative Committee of Russia celebrates its 10th anniversary

September 16 is a remarkable date for cadets of the Investigative Committee of Russia. On this day of 2009, the Investigative Committee founded its Cadet movement that today celebrates its anniversary.

The first Cadet class of the Investigative Committee was established 10 years ago in a general school of Khimki in Moscow Region. Thereafter, the Cadet classes were founded in other regions of the country. At present, regional investigative directorates patronize the Cadet classes in 28 subjects of the Russian Federation and four specialized Cadet classes operate in the Khimki Cadet Corps boarding school to teach 66 cadets: 39 boys and 27 girls.

Today, the Investigative Committee is a founder of three Cadet Corps in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Volgograd; in the new academic year, they have welcomed 560 boys and girls striving to serve justice.

The system of cadet education is constantly developing. Thus, Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin instructed to work out a matter of creation of a girl’s boarding school in the educational system of the Committee.

The specialized Cadet education of the Committee is a unified targeted process of education and upbringing that includes additional educational programs aimed to provide knowledge and skills required for an Investigative Committee officer. Studying the basics of investigative work, the students are raised in the spirit of respect for genuine Russian history and heroic feats of our ancestors to develop in moral and cultural ways.

The students of the Cadet classes and Cadet Corps of the Investigative Committee of Russia have adopted the best traditions of cadet fraternity and prove themselves with dignity in education, in sports, and at events of public importance. Our cadets look up to examples of honor and courage set by Russian heroes and are guided by principles of honor, loyalty, nobility, and devotion to the Motherland from a young age.