Working visit of Alexander Bastrykin to St. Petersburg

Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia held a personal reception of citizens of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region. Heads and investigators of probes discussed during the reception also took part in the event.

A number of applications were related to protection of rights and legal interests of juveniles and their security. Thus, the Director of Gatchina Teaching College asked to take measures to prevent injuries and deaths of children on the railroad of Gatchina of Leningrad Region. According to her, on September 10, 2019 a juvenile girl was fatally injured on this section of railway. The Director explained that access of people to the territory of the railway that goes through the settlement is not restricted: socially important objects and places of residence of a significant number of people are located on both sides of the railway. However, there are no pedestrian crossings near the place of the tragedy.

Alexander Bastrykin instructed the officers of the the North-Western Transport Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia to give assessment to all circumstances of the accident and to carefully study all causes of the tragedy. Moreover, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia pointed that it is necessary to analyse injuring of people on the railway located on the territory of operational coverage of this investigative unit. According to him, this work must result in suggestions for JSC Russian Railways and the Government of the Russian Federation to provide pedestrian crossings and adequate protection for safe movement of people. Apart from that, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia instructed his subordinates to prepare a submission to JSC Russian Railways.

A Leningrad Region citizen applied to Alexander Bastrykin about establishing of circumstances of offence committed against his son. He explained that sexual assault against the boy was committed by a coach of a sports section of Vyborg District. Since the man has been training children for several years, the applicant asked to carefully examine his activities from a legal point of view. After listening to the applicant, the Head of the Committee instructed investigators of the Regional Investigations Directorate to pay special attention to the situation and to promptly carry out all required actions to detect other possible episodes of illegal activities and identify victims.

Also, during the reception of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Saint Petersburg citizens complained about organization acting under disguise of a medical centre. Its workers were misleading potential patients into thinking of having various illnesses requiring urgent and expensive treatment. Representatives of this centre suggested people to immediately sign contracts for medical services on favourable terms by means of credit contracts for large sums of money. The applicants asked to help them to restore their rights and compensate the inflicted damage.

The Head of the Committee instructed the Saint Petersburg Main Investigations Directorate to check each episode of rendering of such services and to establish all stages of fraud during preliminary investigation. 

Concluding the reception session, Alexander Bastrykin underlined that resolving of all reported issues will be performed under supervision.

The working visit of Alexander Bastrykin to Saint Petersburg traditionally  continued with a meeting with cadets - orphaned children and children left without parental care - of Saint Petersburg Cadet Corps. Alexander Bastrykin asked the cadets about their first academic accomplishments and told them about planned development of educational system of the Committee.

Cadets shared with Alexander Ivanovich their first impressions about the Cadet Corps and about taking part in forensic seminar, organized by officers of the Regional Investigations Directorate in training complex of military unit of Western Military District in Sertolovo city of Leningrad Region, some of them recited lyrics of the anthem of Investigative Committee of Russia. In conclusion of the meeting cadets invited Alexander Bastrykin to the solemn ceremony of taking oaths.

The Head of the Investigative Committee of Russia motivated children for new accomplishments and recommended them to take responsibility for their education and never stop in their self-development.  

The visit to Saint Petersburg finished with a lecture of Alexander Bastrykin delivered to students of the Saint Petersburg State University. The second lecture of the elective course was devoted to basic principles of search activities. Alexander Bastrykin also invited Doctor of Law, Professor,  Merited Lawyer of the Russian Federation and an author of many books Victor M. Egorshin to share his long experience of solving crimes during his work in criminal investigation police of Saint Petersburg. The classes finished with a lively interaction with the students, during which Alexander Bastrykin answered to all questions they had.

Official spokesperson for the Investigative Committee of Russia S. Petrenko