Investigative Committee of Russia presents a series of programmes «Forensics Wonders»

Development of the modern society in the digital age, new knowledge and technologies certainly affect those who choose a life of crime, making them think that their means of conspiracy will leave them unidentified. However, modern forensic investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia have long proven that a perpetrator can't remove all forensic details at a crime scene. Technical equipment, experience and knowledge of forensic investigators and experts of the Main Forensics Directorate (Forensics Centre) enable our forensic service to register traces that are not tangible and are not visible to the human eye.

To recognize parameters of an offender, to identify a face covered by a mask, to reveal destroyed digital traces and to find what was carefully hidden - all of it is within the reach of the forensic experts of the Investigative Committee of Russia. A rigorously established scientific basis and, therefore, indisputable evidence... to see how it is possible watch a series of programmes «Forensics Wonders»