National Police Commissioner of the Republic of Finland delivers a lecture in St. Petersburg Academy of the Investigative Committee of Russia upon invitation of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia

Today, upon invitation of Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander  Bastrykin, National Police Commissioner of the Republic of Finland Seppo Kolehmainen visited St. Petersburg Academy of the Investigative Committee of Russia (further referred to as "Academy") and delivered a lecture on combating crime for the Academy students and teachers.

In the beginning of the working meeting Alexander Bastrykin drew attention of the audience to strong friendly and working relationships between law enforcement agencies of the two countries. In particular, he underlined that the main directions of international legal cooperation between the Investigative Committee of Russia and the Police of the Republic of Finland still are cooperation for certain probes and exchange of legal information and advanced achievements in the areas of forensics, criminal procedure, preliminary investigation and inquest. The Head of the Committee characterized Seppo Kolehmainen as a highly experienced police officer who passed all service stages from a private to the Chief of Police of the Republic and a true professional and expressed special gratitude for his consent to make a friendly visit and exchange law enforcement experience.

In the beginning of his speech the National Police Commissioner confirmed that the fruitful cooperation with the Investigative Committee of Russia has been lasting for a long time, underlined the personal contribution of Alexander Bastrykin in this matter and expressed appreciation for the chance to speak to the students of the Academy and tell them about the Police of Finland.

Seppo Kolehmainen highlighted vivid examples related to ensuring internal security of Finland, organizational structure of the police, and its strategic goals (promotion of security, combating crime, open activities and increased efficiency). He mentioned issues of transformation of security circumstances in the Republic, organization of combating crime, activities of the Central Criminal Police for crime detection and combating organized crime. He paid significant attention to foreign and domestic cooperation in combating crime, aspects of use of technical and domestic achievements in work of law enforcement bodies, trends of development and transformation of crime and combating it.

Mr. Kolehmainen paid special attention to international cooperation in combating crime, noting such aspects as cooperation with EU, Interpol, Europol and, above all, bilateral cooperation with the Russian Federation. Summarizing his speech, the National Police Commissioner paid attention to level of trust of Finns towards activities of the Police of the Republic of Finland reaching 95%. It must be noted that Mr. Kolehmainen's speech received great attention.

In conclusion of his lecture Seppo Kolehmainen addressed the students of the St.Petersburg Academy, congratulated them on choice of profession and educational institution and expressed confidence that this is their conscious intent to obtain a speciality related to the honored mission of protection of rights of citizens and state interests. During the lecture Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin once more expressed his gratitude to Mr. Kolehmainen for relevant and useful information provided to the students and teachers of the Academy. Addressing the students, the Head of the Committee expressed confidence that they are forming the new generation of law enforcement officers. He also announced the decision to enroll this year a significant number of orphan children to educational institutions of the Investigative Committee of Russia pursuing the goal of their social adaptation and teaching them as decent investigators.