Russian investigation facilitates to Poland under request for another examination of wreckage of the Presidential plane

In Smolensk, in places of storage of fragments of the Polish plane Tu-154M that crashed in April, 2010 officers of the Investigative Committee of Russia and relevant bodies of Poland finished joint activities once again initiated by Polish colleagues.

The Polish delegation of 7 persons was granted access to examination of units, sub-assemblies and constructive elements of Tu-154M stored in Smolensk (Severnyy) Airport. According to the agreement between the two parties, representatives of the National Prosecutor's Office of Poland and Military Gendarmerie of Poland along with investigators of the Main Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia and forensic specialists of the Forensics Centre of the Committee once again examined the fragments of the plane of interest using photo and video equipment. Apart from that, upon request of foreign colleagues, additional interrogations of witnesses of the plane crash have been carried out in their presence.

At that, the Russian investigation has no doubts about the circumstances of the aircraft accident. All the materials gathered are an unequivocal testimony about the crew's erroneous actions, that is, continuing the landing in poor visibility.

During discussion of results of the events carried out under the request, the Polish party noted the constructiveness of interaction with the Russian investigation and satisfaction with the provided assistance and expressed a wish to continue cooperating.