In Irkutsk, man accused of kidnapping nine-year-old girl arrested

The Irkutsk Regional Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia has pressed charges against a 48-year-old local citizen of committing an offense under Paragraph E of Part 2 of Article 127 of the Criminal Code of Russia (kidnapping of a minor).

According to the investigation, on November 23, 2019, the man was sitting in a Toyota Vista car parked in the area of warehouses on Novatorov Street when he saw the little girl. At that moment, the convict developed a criminal intent to kidnap the girl in order to sexually abuse her. The man got out of the car and used physical force to push the girl inside the vehicle, then he returned to the car, locked all the doors, and started driving. Fortunately, a 16-year-old passer-by heard the child’s screaming. The high school student rushed for help to a nearby man immediately. Together they chased the car, blocked it’s way, and saved the 9-year-old girl. The driver managed to flee the scene. The police department distributed an APB on him to all patrols and in several hours he was detained by officers of the private security department of the National Guard.

Investigators established that since 2001 the man has served two sentences for sexual abuse. He was released from prison in March 2017.

At present, the court has granted the investigative motion to place the accused individual in custody. The criminal investigation is ongoing.