One year without Ivan Krapivin

One year ago we lost the nice, brave child, the young hero Ivan Krapivin who died on December 4, 2018. In May 2017, his intoxicated neighbor attacked Ivan’s mother; the boy stood up for her and for that the man hit him three times on the head with a dumbbell. The injuries left little hope for recovery; however, up to the last day representatives of the Investigative Committee of Russia, doctors and concerned citizens struggled to save the life of the brave teenager who sacrificed everything to protect the most important person for him.

For his courage and determination, Ivan Krapivin was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage upon the Presidential Decree. He also was posthumously awarded the Investigative Committee medal “Valor and Courage”.

Investigative units of the Investigative Committee of Russia took all measures required to restore justice--the investigation into the perpetrator who ended the life of the child was completed and referred to the court.

We will always remember the name of the young hero who did not hesitate to fight a stronger adult. Fearlessness, concern, fortitude--these were the qualities inherent in Ivan. Teachers, classmates, and neighbors remember him as a kind and smart boy. Ivan’s deed is an example for everybody, especially for the young generation. This heroic act in the name of the mother will stay in our hearts forever.