The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia sent greetings to participants of festive events dedicated to the Russia Day

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation sent greetings to participants and guests of the Outstanding Generals and Naval Commanders of the Fatherland commemorative event and to participants of "Vivat, Russia!" that took part in Krutets village of Vladimir Region in the memory of Peter I stay in Alexandrovskaya Sloboda.

In his welcoming speech, Alexander Bastrykin stressed the importance of preserving memory of the generation of winners who defended the freedom and independence of our Motherland at the front. “The Russia Day is a significant date that reminds us of the continuity of generations, because we must pass on to our descendants a strong and rich country with democratic principles, so that they preserve and increase this wealth. Memory is one of the noble traditions of our people, it is what brings us together for the future of Russia”, the head of the Committee noted.

The head of the department also stressed: “The Russia Day is also an important date for educating young people. It is necessary to cultivate in young people respect for the achievements of past generations, reverence for parents and families. My father, Ivan Ilyich Bastrykin, during the war fought in command positions on torpedo boats of the Northern Fleet. Mom - Antonova Evgenia Antonovna survived the Leningrad siege. In 1943 she was drafted to the front. She fought in combat units of the Red Banner Baltic Front. She was an anti-aircraft gunner. She fought at the Oranienbaum patch and in Kronstadt. As part of advance units of the Red Banner Baltic Fleet, she reached Konigsberg, took part in the hardest battles for this impregnable German fortress. They fought for the future world in which we live now!"

It is important to preserve the continuity of generations is preserved in order to save the past, the integrity of the present, to determine the ways of further development.

In his welcoming speech, Alexander Bastrykin wholeheartedly wished the participants of the events peace, kindness, health and prosperity!