Chairman of the IC of Russia Instructs to Initiate Criminal Case Against Officials of Republic of Latvia Who Decide to Detain Well-Known Blogger

The Chairman of the IC of Russia has ordered to initiate a criminal case against officials of the Republic of Latvia in connection to the fact that they made a deliberately illegal decision to detain a well-known Russian-speaking blogger Kirill Fyodorov, who spoke out in support of the Russian special operation in Ukraine.

This case is a gross violation of fundamental human rights and indicates a restriction of freedom of speech in the Republic of Latvia.

In connection with this incident, a criminal case will be initiated on a possible crime under Article 299 of the Russian Criminal Code (holding an obviously innocent person criminally liable or illegal initiation of a criminal case). In line with the current legislation, the Russian investigators will take measures to identify the persons who made an illegal decision to hold the Russian-speaking blogger criminally liable.