Chairman of the IC of Russia Instructs to Investigate Desecration of Soviet Soldier Graves in Romania

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation instructed the Main Investigative Department of the IC of Russia to investigate the desecration of Soviet soldier graves in the Romanian commune of Motca.

According to available information, vandals soiled the tombstones of the fallen soldiers-liberators at the memorial cemetery in the Motca commune in Romania and painted over the inscription “Eternal glory to the Soviet soldiers who fell in the fight for freedom and independence of the Soviet Union” on the memorial obelisk.

A. I. Bastrykin instructed the MID of the IC of Russia to take measures to identify the persons involved in the incident in order to subsequently bring them to justice. Also, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee instructed to obtain the necessary information through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.