A Criminal Case Will Be Initiated Against a Ukrainian Actress Who Articulated Russophobic Statements and Threats in a Public Advocacy Video

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has instructed the Main Investigative Department to initiate a criminal case against Andrianna Kurylets, a Ukrainian actress who articulated calls for violence against officers of the Russian Armed Forces in a public advocacy video.

According to reports, Ukrainians have produced a public advocacy video in the style of videos created by militants of the Islamic State, an organization banned in the Russian Federation. In the video, Kurylets articulates extremist statements and cuts a man’s throat with a sickle with a smile on her face.

This video has been posted on social networks and contains explicit misanthropic hate speech and threats.

As part of a criminal case, the Investigative Committee of Russia will give a legal assessment of the statements made by Kurylets.