Congratulation from the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation on the Investigator’s Day

Dear Officers, veterans of the investigation, students, cadets of educational institutions of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation! Dear comrades!

Today we celebrate our professional holiday, the history of which dates back to 1713, when the First Specialized Investigative Body of Russia, the Investigative Office, was established by the personal decree of Peter I. The new institution, subordinated directly to the Head of State, was granted the authority to carry out investigations. It is symbolic that this year on the day of the 350th anniversary of our Great Emperor, we also celebrate the 15th anniversary of the formation of an independent investigative Body in modern Russia since 2007.

Generations, laws, state leaders and priorities have been replacing each other over time, but the highest requirements for the profession of an investigator remained unchanged. Endurance, literacy, analytical thinking, attention to every detail and selfless dedication to the job are the same professional requirements which we set today and they are still very relevant. Being challenged with all sorts of difficulties along the way, the Investigative Committee, not in word, but in action, demonstrated rationality and effectiveness of the reform that had been introduced by our sovereign legislator in matters related to criminal procedures, strengthening our people's faith in the triumph of justice.

The work of an investigator has been always based on the knowledge of the law, the ability to accurately assess any situation and find answers to the most difficult questions. Impeccable sense of morality, continuous determination to improve their skills, steadiness and commitment – these are the characteristics of an investigator by vocation. In our day-to-day work our officers strive to bring together the exactingness and attentiveness, neutrality and humanism. They are not only competent specialists, able the most veiled criminal schemes and uncover elaborate frauds. They are, above all, people with empathy to the aspirations and troubles of the others, people unable to ignore the lawlessness and injustice.

Investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia serve their duty not only on the territory of our Motherland, but outside the Russian Federation too. They work productively in the Syrian Arab Republic, fighting against international crime, terrorism and strengthening stability in society. This year, investigators of the Russian Investigative Committee, along with all the citizens of our country, faced an unprecedented scale of nationalist crimes against the peace and security of mankind, unprecedented in their cruelty, committed on the territory of Donbas and Ukraine. Despite the tacit consent and connivance of what is happening on the part of the leaders of the Western nations, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation continues to document the use of banned means and methods of warfare against civilians by Ukrainian paramilitary units, as well as the genocide of the Russian-speaking population of Donbas. We record the colossal human losses, where millions of destinies of innocent people are being destroyed for the sake of a criminal ideology - it is completely impossible to remain indifferent to this. Investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia, risking their lives, being far from their families and friends, every day selflessly carry the heaviest burden of responsibility for investigating crimes committed by the Kiev regime, pursuing the only goal - to establish the objective truth.

Dear Officers! You have a huge responsibility for your prompt and high-quality investigation of all kinds of crimes, countering corruption, terrorism and extremism, implementing state policy in the field of criminal justice, protecting the legitimate interests and freedoms of man and citizen. The restoration of the violated rights of the victims and the deserved punishment of the perpetrators depend on your decisions and experience.

Today our attention is focused above all on the young people. Our future is in their hands - ensuring the rule of law in society, implementation of democratic institutions in the state, indisputable international authority. Our departmental educational institutions are based on the inviolable traditions of the classical school. We are capable of raising not only good specialists, but also people who honor the traditions of their ancestors and boldly look to the future with determination to defend the letter of the law at all costs, being constantly up to date, learning and implementing the latest scientific and technological achievements.

Today we respectfully pay tribute to the memory of our officers, who fell on duty. Their dedication and devotion is a true guide for the investigators today and in the future. We express the sincerest words of gratitude to the veterans of the investigation; they brought up a worthy generation of successor and continue to teach the intricacies of the profession.

Dear comrades, dear friends, I thank you for your selfless work, for your patience and qualified approach to work! I sincerely congratulate you on the Investigation Officer Day of the Russian Federation! I wish you good health, success, well-being, energy, optimism, to fulfill all your plans. I wish you every further success in your service for the good of the Motherland!