A verdict is adjudicated to a murderer of Miss Kuzbass-2010 in New Moscow

The evidence collected by the Investigative Directorate for Troitsk and Novomoskovsk administrative raions of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for Moscow was found to be sufficient by court for sentencing Mr. Alexander Popov. He was found guilty of committing a crime in accordance with Part 1, Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (murder).

The investigation and the court identified that on August 31, 2021, Mr. Popov, being in the apartment of a residential building located along Niels Bora Street of the Desenovskoe settlement in Moscow, during an argument that arose on the basis of personal hostile relations, inflicted bodily injuries on his wife's chest and neck with an unidentified sharp object in the form of stab. The 29-year-old woman died at the scene from her injuries.

In January 2022, Mr. Popov turned to law enforcement agencies and said that back in August 2021, his wife had left for an unknown destination and explained that his wife was contacting him through social networks and reporting her whereabouts outside the Russian Federation.

During the initial investigative actions, it was identified that the woman did not cross the border of the Russian Federation.

Thanks to the competent tactics of the investigation and the collected evidence base, the man confessed to the murder and gave detailed incriminating evidence, including pointing to the burial place of the body in a forest belt on the territory of New Moscow.

By a verdict, Mr.Popov was sentenced to 12 years in prison to be served in a strict regime penal colony.