The Investigative Committee of Russia launches criminal cases on the death of civilians in the DPR as a result of the criminal actions of Ukrainian nationalists

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation launched criminal cases onto the offense of a crime prescribed in Part 1, Article 356 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (ill-treatment of the civilian population, the use of banned means and methods of warfare) against servicemen of the 30th separate mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Mr. Alexander Zinevich, Mr. Nikolai Perestupnyak, and the 54th separate mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Mr. Alexei Maistrenko, Mr. A. Golenko and the 56th separate motorized infantry brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine of Mr. Sergei Sirchenko, Mr. Dmitry Gerasimenko, Mr. Vyacheslav Bugaichuk, Mr. Alexander Bondarenko, Mr. Miroslav Verkhovy, Mr. Artem Puchkov, Mr. Gennady Boyko and other servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to the investigation, between September 18 and 19, 2022, the mentioned above servicemen issued and executed criminal orders for targeted artillery attacks from heavy weapons on civilian infrastructure in the cities of Donetsk, Gorlovka and Makeyevka, as well as the settlement of Mineralnoe of the Donetsk People's Republic. As a result of the attacks, five civilians were killed and six were injured, and 14 houses and civilian infrastructure were also damaged, including the building of a kindergarten.

In addition, on September 19, 2022, around 12:30 pm, the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out targeted artillery fire from heavy weapons on the Baku Komissarov Square in the Kuibyshev raion of Donetsk, as a result of which 13 civilians were killed, including two juveniles, 5 civilians were injured, the shopping-store building was also damaged.

The Russian Investigative Committee continues to identify units of the Ukrainian armed formations and specific individuals involved in the shelling of civilians.