Investigative Committee officials visit sponsored Murom Infant Home in Vladimir Region

Officials of the Central Office of the Russia’s Investigative Committee have again visited Murom Specialized Infant Home in Vladimir Region. There was a clown show during which the children actively participated in outdoor games and dance contests.

The Central Office and Academy of the Investigative Committee have been patronizing Murom Infant Home for several years. This year chairman of the council of the Union of Investigation Veterans Vladimir Dontsov took part in the visit and along with other officials communicated with children warmly and gave presents to the children and staff of the facility.

The premises of the facility were improved on the money donated by the personnel of the Investigative Committee which equaled to over 500 thousand rubles in 2015 alone. Sun tents were deployed, verandas were repaired, playpens were made for infants and toddlers. The officials gave the children strollers, swings, bicycles, electro-mobiles, necessary household appliances, foodstuffs, sweets and medications.

It should be noted that the Investigative Committee helps this infant home constantly, as well as to a number of similar social facilities across the country. Almost all regional investigations directorates support children’s homes and other children’s social institutions. This support does not mean giving presents for holidays. If necessary the officials take measures to organize highly qualified medical aid to seriously ill inmates of children’s homes and to assist in their education and adaptation after they leave facilities.