Investigators release name of key witness of 2014 Malaysian Boeing crash

The Russia’s Investigative Committee continues investigating a criminal case over crimes committed by representatives of military and security forces of Ukraine against peace and safety of humanity. The conclusions about possible reasons for the Boeing crash that happened on 17 July 2014, released yesterday by Almaz-Antey Corporation undoubtedly arouse interest. Soon the report will be requested from the corporation, studied carefully and joined to the case files.

I would also like to remind that earlier investigators together with operative services got a testimony from a Ukrainian citizen, who had crossed the Russian state border voluntarily and was willing to cooperate with Russian investigators.

During the questioning the witness said that he served in the Air Force of Ukraine. He knows that on 17 July 2014, after lunch, a SU-25 of the Ukrainian Air Force piloted by Captain Voloshin took off on a military mission. The jet landed with an empty unit of fire and Voloshin explained that “the jet was in the wrong place at the wrong time”. Later the witness learned that the Malaysian Airlines plane carrying passengers was hit on the same day.

The witness has been under state protection all along. The investigators checked his testimony carefully, including by a polygraph. As there is new evidence that the witness is telling the truth and considering stovepiping related to doubts of some media that the witness exists, at this point we decided to reveal some information about him.

The witness is a Ukrainian, Yevgheny Agapov, who served as a mechanic with the First Squadron of Tactical Aviation Brigade of the Ukrainian Air Force (Military Unit Number A4465. He remains under state protection.

At the present time the investigators are taking additional measures to look into the version he presented during the questioning. To do that corresponding forensic technical inquiries and other investigative operations are underway.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                           V.I. Markin