Active members of Orekhovo gang suspected of series of outrageous murders in Moscow Region detained

Investigators of the Moscow Region main Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee with support of officers of the Federal Security Service and Main Crime Detection Department of the Russian Ministry of the Interior have held two active members of Orekhovo gang suspected of a series of outrageous murders and attempted murders committed in Moscow Region.

The suspects were detained in Tver Region where they lived using fake documents. They are men aged 49 and 47 from Kemerovo Region. They were wanted around the world since 1998. They committed dozens of crimes. The most delebrated of them are murders of witnesses and lawyers involved in the investigation against members of the gang, several attempts to kill director of Odintsovskoye Podvorye market Sergey Zhurba, murder of his drivers, bodyguards and lawyers. The perpetrators acted audaciously and cynically committing murders in day time. They had planned their crimes carefully and had not left any clues. This is why the murders remained unsolved for a long time. Only careful work of investigators and operatives helped to track down first the killers and them organizers and ideological leaders of the gang.

The investigators started to detain suspects in July 2015. In all there are 10 people, 8 of whom were detained as perpetrators, and the last two detained on 15 August, are active members and ideological leaders. During searches in Odintsovo, Moscow Region and in Tver Region, the investigators found and confiscated a cache of guns: a flame-thrower, an antitank grenade launcher, Dragunov sniper rifle, 4 Kalashnikov guns, 5 TT pistols, a Makarov pistol with a silencer, a revolver, a lot of grenades and ammunition.

At present, the suspects have been transported to Moscow Region and are now in a pretrial detention prison. The investigators are questioning them. Custodial restraint is expected soon.