To make people stop dying in fires in social facilities, systematic approach needed

Tragic accidents happen each year in facilities for people with disabilities, including psychiatric hospitals and nursery homes. 2005 – Shatura District, Moscow Region; 2006 – the town of Tayga, Kemerovo Region; 2007 – three fatal fires in Krasnodar Territory, Tula and Omsk regions; 2008 – Belgorod Region; 2009 – the Republic of Komi; 2011 – Kostroma Region; 2013 – Dmitrov District, Moscow Region and Novgorod Region; 2014 – Altai Territory; 2015 – Voronezh Region.

People with disabilities got killed each time for one and the same reason – poor financing, ramshackle buildings, lack of attending staff especially during night shifts. And each time the Russia’s Investigative Committee reveals intolerable conditions that contribute to tragedies. However, judging from the fact that such conditions are maintained and the tragedies keep happening, no proper conclusions have been made from the analysis of the causes or conclusions have been made to take halfhearted measures and dispersing of budget money with does not solve the problem anyway. Maybe the society has to require from regional authorities and federal agencies more drastic measures as a whole – for example, to build large rehabilitation centers in the regions, equipped with all comprehensive civil defense systems and with enough staff.

It is possible that some of the officials responsible for this situation think that this chain of accidents happening to weak and disabled patients is an irrelevant fact or factor altogether. But each of those deaths due to negligence not only weighs down on your conscience, but by all means will have its effects on the fate of officials in charge. I am sure of that.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                           V.I. Markin