Alexander Bastrykin awards staff of Research Institute of emergency children’s surgery and traumatology for helping children injured in southeastern Ukraine

Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin has held today a meeting with the staff of the Research Institute for Emergency Children’s Surgery and Traumatology headed by Leonid Roshal.

During the meeting, Mr. Bastrykin expressed sincere gratitude to the administration and staff of the Institute who each day despite their personal problems sacrifice their time to give children hope for life. “The Research Institute for Emergency Children’s Surgery and Traumatology or the Doctor Roshal’s Clinic as it is commonly known, is a unique medical institution. It has cutting-edge medical technologies and equipment. But children’s lives and health depend not only on equipment, but in the first place on professionalism and warm-heartedness of medical personnel – its head, doctors, scientific workers, nurses,” the Chairman said.

He noted the services of the Institute’s staff in treating children wounded in war zones, injured in traffic accidents and other emergency situations: “You show special warmness and love to children wounded during the armed conflict in Donbass. The main thing for you is to give them back their health, whatever their nationality or citizenship. You do this by your daily minute labor each day as there is nothing more precious than life! You manage to restore health of and get back to full life children, whom many specialists considered hopeless. Among those children are Vanya Voronov, Pavel Arkhipov and hundreds, thousands of other patients who literally got the second chance.”

The Investigative Committee has been cooperating with the Research Institute for Emergency Children’s Surgery and Traumatology for a long time. Specialists of the Institute have been able to save and cure a lot of children on the money from charities founded by Dr. Roshal and donations, including those from Investigative Committee’s staff. The case of Pasha Arkhipov is an example of joint fight for the life of the child. In 2012, Pasha became disabled after an unsuccessful surgery in a hospital in Novgorod Region and went into a coma. Mr. Bastrykin assumed personal control over the investigation of the crime and further treatment of Pasha. Thanks to the help of the Investigative Committee’s staff and doctors of the Institute Pasha is now getting better. Vanya Voronov also got the best medical aid. He had lost his brother and had been severely wounded in a shelling of Donbass by the Ukrainian army. At present, Vanya continues his treatment. He lives an active life and is friendly with cadets of the Alexander Nevsky Cadet School of the Investigative Committee.

At the end of the meeting Mr. Bastrykin awarded Dr. Roshal a letter of commendations and gave presents to some of the Institutions staff. Dr. Roshal thanked the Chairman for real assistance provided by the Investigative Committee’s employees to the injured children and appreciated the work done by the advisory council on helping orphans and children left without parental care, and the coordination council on helping children from southeastern Ukraine, both formed by the Investigative Committee.

After the meeting Mr. Bastrykin visited the children wounded by criminal actions during the armed conflict in southeastern Ukraine. He talked to their parents and wished their children speedy recovery.

Acting Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                   S.L. Petrenko