The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia holds a brief meeting in Lugansk

Mr. Alexander Ivanovich Bastrykin, Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia, held a brief meeting of the Headquarters for the investigation of crimes committed by Ukrainian formations against civilians and Russian military personnel in Russia and Ukraine in Lugansk. It was attended by the First Deputy Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Mr. Eduard Valerievich Kaburneev, the Deputy Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia - the Head of the Main Military Investigation Directorate Mr. Konstantin Evgenievich Korpusov, the Head of the Main Forensic Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia Mr. Anatoly Ivanovich Sazonov, the Deputy Director of the Forensic Expert Center of the Investigative Committee Mr. Mikhail Anatolyevich Ignashkin, the Head of the Educational Work Directorate Hero of Russia Sergey Vasilievich Petrov, the Heads, Officers of the Investigative Units, including the Main Investigative Directorate, as well as the Military Investigative Bodies of the Russian Investigative Committee.

The Head of the Department was informed about the latest information on the investigative results on the crimes of the Kiev regime against the civilian population and Russian military personnel.

To date, investigators of the Russian Investigative Committee have finalized the criminal investigations on 116 cases, where 104 criminal cases have been sent to the Prosecutor General's Offices of the DPR and LPR.

The investigation of two criminal cases against servicemen of the Azov Regiment (an organization banned on the territory of the Russian Federation) of the National Guard of Ukraine is at the final stage. Among the defendants is a serviceman of this unit, Mr. Anton Kuznetsov, who in April 2022 committed the murder of a civilian due to the discovery of a box of Russian-made matches in him and in connection with his answer about the Russian belonging of the city of Mariupol.

Currently, work continues with the military personnel of the Azov special forces regiment, who carried out general coordination of actions on the territory of Mariupol. The identity of Lieutenant-General Pavlyuk, commander of the South and East group of troops, was confirmed, who ordered to block humanitarian corridors in order to prevent civilians from leaving the city and using residents as human shields. The Defense Headquarters under the command of Mr. Pavlyuk was ordered to demolish all persons moving through the territory of Mariupol, including women and children, who did not pose a threat to Ukrainian military personnel. Currently, a decision has been issued against Mr. Pavlyuk to prosecute him, and measures to search him and to impose a restraint as custody are issued.

In cooperation with the FSB of Russia, the identification of commanders of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard involved in the commission of specific crimes against the civilian population continues. So, to date, the chief of staff of artillery of the nationalist regiment "Azov", Mr. Lukashchuk, and the commander of the artillery battery of the 55th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Mr. Yunak, have been identified, who directly coordinated the actions of artillery crews and personally supervised the shelling of the positions of the allied troops, as well as residential areas of the city and evacuating civilians. Currently, they have been delivered to Rostov oblast, where investigative actions and operative activities are being carried out with their participation.

The Russian Investigative Committee is proceeding a criminal case against Ukrainian citizens Ms. Natalya Dzhus and Ms. Anastasia Bayova, who transmitted coordinates of the deployment of the Armed Forces of Russia and the Luhansk People's Republic, as well as civilian objects in the urban-type settlement of Novoaydar LPR, to military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine through the Internet for indiscriminate missile strikes. The result of their assistance to the MFU was the shelling on September 21, 2022, which resulted in the death and injury of civilians, as well as damage to the college building, poultry farm and three households.

To date, in addition to the cities of Mariupol, Rubizhnoye, Severodonetsk, Shchastya, Kirovsk, Stakhanov and Krasny Luch, inspections of the village of Luganskaya Stanichnoye-Lugansky rayon and the city of Alchevsk of the Lugansk People's Republic have been fully completed. These are over 500 social facilities, civil infrastructure facilities and almost 10,000 multi-apartment residential buildings and houses in the residential sector. According to the conclusions of the examinations completed to date, the total cost of restoration work already amounts to more than 223 billion rubles. Work to evaluate the amount of damage caused continues.

Separately, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia spoke on the participation of mercenaries on the side of Ukraine, as well as the training of Ukrainian nationalists by using the methodology of conducting military operations abroad. The Head of the Department was informed about the work carried out in this direction. It was noted that the interrogated Ukrainian prisoners of war provide data on the participation of expatriate mercenaries from Poland, Great Britain and the United States in the Ukrainian military.

Also, the subject of discussion was the routine formation of the Investigative Units of the Department on the territories of the new regions. In addition, the Head of the Investigative Committee was informed about the organization of interaction with Educational institutions of the LPR to conduct trainings on issues of Russian Law Enforcement Practice.