Russian and Belorussian investigative Committees identify man suspected of a series of sex crimes committed in both countries

The Saint Petersburg Directorate of the Investigative Committee is investigating a criminal case against Oleg Bednyakov, 45, accused of crimes under Part 2 of Article 131, Part 2 of Article 132 of the RF Penal Code (rape, sexual abuse).

The investigators have revealed that between 2013 and 2015 Bednyakov assaulted, sexually abused and robbed 8 women in Petrodvortsovy and Pushkinsky Districts of Saint Petersburg. It is also known that many of his victims did not report the assaults to the police.

Results of a DNA test showed that the criminal’s DNA matched the one of Bednyakov and thus made it possible to identify the suspect who had acted for many years in Belorussia and Russia.

In late 2015, Bednyakov was detained and sent to custody while he was visiting his mother in Belorussia. The officials of the Belorussian Investigative Committee revealed that the man had committed sex crimes in the country between 1994 and 2014.

An investigator of the Saint Petersburg Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee took part in investigative operations in Belorussia.

Russian investigators found out that he might have committed other crimes in Saint Petersburg, but not all of them he had managed to finish for different reasons. The investigators have reasons to believe that Bednyakov also committed similar crimes in the city of Moscow and Moscow Region in 2007 and in Krasnodar Territory in 2014.

The Saint Petersburg Directorate of the Investigative Committee is asking residents of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region and other regions as well who recognize the man as the one committed similar crimes against them to report it by phone: 8-812-570-66-71 or 02.