Steps taken in Karelia to search and detain two possibly involved in Syamozero tragedy

The Karelia Office of the Investigative Committee continues an investigation into death of children after a boat capsized on Lake Syamozero, Pryazha District, Karelia (Part 3 of Article 238 of the RF Penal Code).

One of the suspects has been reported detained. Measures are being taken now to search and detain two more suspects who are hiding and those who were immediately involved in organizing the holiday.

The number of victims by now has reached 13 children and 1 instructor. Unfortunately, there is now no way to bring them back. I offer my condolences to all  parents and loved ones of the children who died because of negligence and stupidity of adults charged with the most precious things – lives and health of the children.


At the current point of the investigation it is known that the holiday in Karelia was organized by OOO Park-hotel Syamozero, which had won the bidding of the Moscow Labor and Social Protection Department. Naturally, the tender is going to be checked, as well as the criteria of selecting the firm. The staff employed by the firm to take care of the children and their training level will also be checked.

Judging by the size of the tragedy, their qualification could not be of proper level necessary to tend to children. Were the parents aware whom they entrusted their children to? Of course, they could not have the full and impartial information. But did the Moscow Labor and Social Protection Department know whom they entrusted the children to? Did they check the organization? How did they check it? And who did it? The investigators are going to find it all out.

I would like to note that each year before the holiday season we make public addresses to managers of children’s facilities and other organizations in charge of children’s holidays. Investigators meet with those managers to explain the dangers, but the tragedies keep happening year after year.

I would like to remind about the tragedy that happened in July 2010, when 5 children and an instructor of Azov camp drowned while swimming in the Yeisk Spit in Krasnodar Territory. The children were pupils in School No 1065 in Moscow. The group of about 100 children aged between 8 and 15 years and 7 instructors had been on a sight-seeing tour on an island located near the Yeisk Spit. A 12-year-old boy on drowned in indoor swimming pool Delfin in June 2015 while on holiday in the children’s camp of health complex Armkhi in Ingushetia. In July same year another 12-year-old from an orphan boarding school drowned while on holiday in Solnechny camp in Krasnoyarsk Territory. Another tragedy happened in Voronezh Region where a 13-year-old boy drowned in the Vorona River because of wanton and negligent actions of an instructor. There are repeated occasions of food poisoning in camps and accident happening during trips to themed parks.

I guarantee that all those involved in the tragedy in any way will be brought to justice. However, even this will hardly be of any comfort to the parents, but may be another warning for those involved in organizing holidays for children. If somebody has got no opportunity or qualification to guarantee 100% safety of children, refuse right away. Do not take a sin upon your souls!

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                              V.I. Markin