Tambov Region investigators look into light plane crash

The Moscow Interregional Transport Office of the Investigative Committee has opened an investigation in violation of safety and operation standards for an aircraft entailing death of a person under Part 2 of Article 263 of the RF Criminal Code after a light plane crash.

According to investigators, at about 8 PM on 7 July 2017, a Bristell NG-5 a Czech-made light plane piloted by a 49-year-old pilot crashed during demonstrative flights dedicated to the end of studies at the Derzhavin State University of Tambov.

The plane crashed on the bank of the Tsna river near the settlement of Dvoriki, Tambov District, Tambov Region. The plane was destroyed and caught fire, while the pilot was killed. Nobody else got hurt.

At present, the investigators are running necessary investigative and search operation to find out all the circumstances of and reasons for the incident.

The investigators have two preliminary options: technical failure of the plane and pilot’s error during higher aerobatics.

The investigation continues.