Investigators asks courts to arrest ex-police officer suspected of murder in Rostov Region

The Rostov Region Office of the Investigative Committee continues criminal proceedings against Sergei Kadatsky, 39, suspected of murder under part 1 of Article 105 and attempted murder under part 3 of Article 30, Part 2, item “a” of Article 105 of the RF Criminal Code.

At about 5:30 PM on 11 July 2017, the suspect in a Hyundai Elantra car on Rostov – Taganrog highway shot at a 57-year-old man and his 36-year-old daughter in Hyundai Solaris. The woman died, while the man was taken to a hospital and is now in intensive care. By now investigators know that the suspect is the killed woman’s husband and used to serve in the Rosvot Region police force.

Kadatsky was detained shortly and delivered to an investigator of the regional investigative authority. He admitted the guilty and explained that he and his wife had been having domestic conflicts for months and finally they had separated. On the day of the incident, he knew that his wife and her father were going to pass on the highway, he waited until they appeared, got out a hunting rifle and shot at them several times. When their car stopped, Kadatsky shot several more times at the man from anon-fatal gun. He then fled the scene and threw out the guns.

At present the most experienced investigators and criminologists of the regional investigative authority have examined the scene of the incident and seized evidence, including the guns. The investigators have ordered forensic medical, ballistic and DNA tests. The investigator is going to ask courts to place the suspect in custody pending trial. The investigation continues.