Investigative Committee Chairman orders central office to take control over investigation against woman from Voronezh Region who tortured her daughter

A federal TV channel has showed today coverage about a child who got severely beaten in a settlement in Voronezh Region. The Voronezh Region Office of the Investigative Committee is conducting an investigation against a woman who has many children. The beaten girl, her 3-year-old brother and 12-month-old sister were isolated from the mother and are now being taken care of by relatives and social services.

According to preliminary data, between August and 22 September 2017, the young woman living in a settlement in Buturlinovka District, Voronezh Region, beat her 5-year-old daughter under a minor pretext. The crime was revealed on 22 September 2017, by juvenile inspector of the Buturlinovka District police department during a check-up.

Alexander Bastrykin ordered the central office to take control over the investigation and carefully look into the details of the incident.

Spokesperson for the Investigative Committee S. Petrenko