Charges pressed against two teenagers who attacked school students in perm

The head Office of the Investigative Committee continues investigation into an incident in a school in Motovilikhinsky District of Perm. Two teenagers have been charged with attempted murder of two or more people including minors, committed by a group of people in collusion under Part 3 of Article 30 and Part 2, items “a”, “c” and “g” of Article 105 of the RF Criminal Code.

According to investigators, on 15 January 2018, a 10th-grader and his teenage friend, a former student, came to the school armed with knives. They entered an elementary class room and stabbed 9 children and a teacher multiple times.

They also stabbed each other and were hospitalized. A court has ruled to place the two of them in custody. After they have been discharged, they will be transported to a pretrial detention center.

The investigators keep working to find out the whole picture of the incident, motives of and contributing factors of the crime. They are also looking into actions (omission) of the school staff, teenagers’ parents and those responsible for safety at school.


Spokesperson for the Investigative Committee                                                                                       Svetlana Petrenko