Young woman to stand trial in Omsk Region for torturing her young daughter

The Omsk Region Office of the Investigative Committee has finished criminal proceedings against a 24-year-old resident of the town of Kalachinsk, Omsk Region, charged with torture under Part 2, item “d” of Article 117 and child neglect under Article 156 of the RF Criminal Code.

According to investigators, from June 2014 to late February 2016, the unemployed woman with two young children cruelly treated her elder daughter aged 7. She beat her, humiliated and insulted, pressed cigarette butts on her lips and forced her to kneel on salt. She also left her home alone without food and did not take care about her health or education.

The accused denied all the charges and explained her actions by disobedience and hyperactivity of the girl. Following the probe, the investigators filed a request with the juvenile inspectorate to eliminate reasons for and factors contributing to the crime, that is failure to reveal the problem family and take preventive measures.

By now, the investigators have enough evidence, so the criminal case has been referred to court.