Moscow Academy of Investigative Committee of Russia hosts meeting with officers of Criminal Police of Federal Republic of Germany

On February 5, 2018, the Moscow Academy of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation hosted a delegation from the Federal Republic of Germany, including Becker Stefan, the Head of the Central Physical and Chemical Laboratory for the Study of Material Traces and Microparticles of the Federal Forensics Institute of the Federal Republic of Germany; Heyer Torsten, the Head of the High Police School of the Institute; and Funke Johannes, the liaison officer of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Russian Federation.

In the framework of the working meeting, Acting Rector of the Academy, Major General of Justice Anatoly Bagmet, together with First Deputy Head of the Directorate on International Cooperation of the Investigative Committee of Russia Nikolay Linchenko, Deputy Head of the Main Forensics Directorate Alexey Yakovlev, Vice-Rectors of the Academy Vasily Bychkov and Nadezhda Arsenyeva, and heads of academic departments and employees of the said departments of the Investigative Committee of Russia, discussed with the German guests the features of the educational process in the Academy and the German High Police School - particularly, forensic component of training of students and attendees of in-service training courses, as well as matters of cooperation in education and science.