The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia instructed to report on participation in the preparation of proposals for the draft updated Concept of Information Security of Children

The safety of juveniles is an important priority for state institutions, and the Investigative Committee, as a body authorized to perform functions in the field of criminal justice, is involved in this process.

Today's challenges and threats are related to the large amount of information available to children and, as a consequence, its possible negative impact on them.  Such phenomena as "gambling" (addiction to computer gambling) and "cyberbullying" (bullying on the Internet) have also become widespread. In this situation, it is necessary to improve mechanisms to protect children from such influence, but at the same time not to lose the opportunity to have access to information that will promote socialization, education, upbringing, and the formation of a harmoniously developed personality.

We are talking about the formation of a modern state information policy that meets the interests of national security of the state, its traditional spiritual, moral and family values, as well as international standards of information environment, safe for children, their protection in the modern aggressive information space.

One of the steps in this direction was the development by the relevant authorities of an updated Concept of Information Security for Children, which was recently discussed in the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Ivanovich Bastrykin instructed employees of the Investigative Committee to report on their participation in the preparation of proposals for a draft document, the provisions of which, taking into account the rights of minors, should contribute as much as possible to the safety of children and protect them from information threats.

To implement the goals of the concept it is advisable to conduct a unified policy in the field of information security. This requires the consolidation of the efforts of all law enforcement and relevant agencies, civil society institutions, and the creation of a specialized working group.

Since its inception, the Investigative Committee of Russia has taken concrete preventive measures to protect the rights of minors.