Congratulation of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia on the Day of National Unity

This public holiday is inextricably linked with national history - a complex and at the same time heroic period of the country. In 1612, the Russian state was experiencing a difficult time, experiencing the strongest oppression from the Polish invaders. Thanks to the heroism and self-sacrifice of our ancestors and the loyalty and patriotism of Kuzma Minin and Duke Dmitry Pozharsky, the landed headman managed to unite the people in the face of a common enemy. At the cost of numerous feats, incredible effort and courage, they successfully coped with the onslaught of the Poles, preserving the integrity and independence of the country.

Today for all of us the National Unity Day serves not only as a reminder of the annalistic events and courage of previous generations, but also as a symbol of unity of our people, national consciousness and brotherhood in a multinational country. By honoring and strengthening the centuries-old traditions of the Russian people, protecting and augmenting the rich cultural, spiritual and historical heritage, we continue to strengthen the greatness and mightiness of the Russian state, moving confidently forward.

I warmly congratulate the staff of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, veterans, and students of departmental educational institutions on this wonderful holiday! Dear colleagues, comrades, remember that the future of the country also depends on each of you. May your selfless labor, sincere desire to serve the law and justice, devotion to the Fatherland and the oath, the ability to appreciate and cherish inseparable spiritual bonds be an example of true patriotism and love for the country! Only together, moving toward a common goal, can we cope with any difficulties and adversities, overcome difficult tests and share the joy of common victories.

I sincerely wish you all harmony, peace and prosperity, readiness to continue to defend the national interests of the state, to cherish centuries-old traditions, to be worthy of your heroic ancestors, united citizens of great Russia!

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of 


General of Justice of the Russian Federation 

A.I. Bastrykin