Chairman of the IC of Russia Holds Reception of Citizens via Video Conference

Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Ivanovich Bastrykin held a reception of citizens via video conference. It was attended by First Deputy Chairman of the IC of Russia Eduard Valeryevich Kaburneev, Deputy Chairman of the IC of Russia Sergey Nikolaevich Goryainov, heads of departments of the Central Office, as well as heads and employees of territorial investigative departments, who work with criminal cases that had caught the department head's attention.

An Omsk Oblast resident complained about the lack of effective measures to establish the whereabouts of his father. A man born in 1975 left home in the summer of 2020 and his fate remains unknown. According to the applicant, the preliminary investigation of the criminal case initiated under Part 1 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code (murder) has been repeatedly suspended, and no search activities at all were carried out for 6 months. The man asked to monitor the investigation and sort out the situation.

During the report, Acting Head of the ID of the IC of Russia for Omsk Oblast S. V. Markovichenko explained that the investigation of the criminal case was underway, the necessary investigative and operational measures were being carried out, versions of the disappearance were being checked. The head of the department criticized the actions of subordinates who delayed the investigation and set a term for providing a report on the performed work. In addition, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee gave a negative evaluation to the procedural decisions taken earlier to suspend the preliminary investigation in the criminal case. A. I. Bastrykin instructed S. N. Goryainov to organize a check on the violations committed by the subordinates.

A Moscow resident, who lost a newborn child and spouse, complained about bureaucracy on the part of investigators of the Investigative Unit for Stupino of the MID of the IC of Russia for Moscow Oblast, who withdrew themselves from the proper inspection and investigation of the circumstances of his loved ones' deaths. His pregnant wife, who had contractions, was operated on at the Stupinskaya City Hospital in early January 2021. As a result of the surgery, the doctors extracted a live fetus, but a few weeks later the child died. After the surgery, the woman lapsed into a coma, and died at the end of December last year. The man noted that the criminal case under Part 2 of Article 109, Part 1 of Article 118 of the Criminal Code (causing death by negligence, causing serious harm to health by negligence) was initiated only in November 2021. The applicant appealed to the head of the Russian IC with a request to take measures to promptly evaluate all the circumstances and identify those responsible for the death of his wife and child.

During the report, Head of the MID of the IC of Russia for Moscow Oblast A. Yu. Starikov informed that the criminal case had been transferred to the department for the investigation of particularly important cases for further investigation. As part of the preliminary investigation, a collective forensic medical examination has been appointed and is being conducted; its completion is scheduled for May 2022. The head of the Investigative Committee noted delays during the pre-investigation check and initiation of the criminal case, stressing that such an attitude to work was unacceptable. Separately, the head of the department criticized the place and timing of the expert examination. A. I. Bastrykin expressed his condolences to the victim, noting that investigating criminal cases of this category was associated with certain difficulties, but that the Investigative Committee invariably demonstrated a principled position on the issue. The Chairman of the IC of Russia instructed to transfer the materials of the criminal case to the Central Office of the department for further investigation and, if necessary, to organize a subsequent reception of the applicant. S. N. Goryainov was instructed to conduct an internal inspection against Head of the Investigative Unit for Stupino of the MID of the IC of Russia for Moscow Oblast D. Yu. Boyarinov.

Participants in the shared-equity construction of the Na Magistralnoy residential complex from Krasnodar appealed to the Chairman of the IC of Russia again. In the period from September 2017 to May 2020, the developer – the management of OJSC SK Megapolis stole the co-funders' funds totaling over RUB 300 million. The total number of defrauded co-founders is over 600 people. The construction of the residential complex has not been completed, the house has not been commissioned.

Head of the ID of the IC of Russia for Krasnodar Krai A. K. Maslov reported that the criminal case under Article 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud) was under consideration in court. In addition, he informed that the investigation of the criminal case under Article 293 of the Criminal Code (negligence) on improper performance of duties by employees of the Department for Supervision in the Construction Sector of the Krasnodar Krai Administration had also been completed; to date, the criminal case has been filed for trial. On the head of the department's order, the regional investigative unit organized monitoring of the court consideration of an application for lifting seizure from a land plot intended for the apartment building construction. To date, the court has made the related decision, and there are no obstacles for building the house. The applicants, in turn, informed that the city administration provided a letter of guarantee; according to the received documents, it is planned to commission the house in May 2023. A. I. Bastrykin instructed A. K. Maslov to personally monitor the issue of restoring the citizens' housing rights.

During the reception, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee also heard out the residents of the collapsed house located on Krasnodontsev Street in Nizhny Novgorod. No one died as a result of the incident that happened in July 2020. However, one of the residents was injured; parts of the load-bearing structures of the house and fragments of the front facade collapsed. Following the examination, the house was recognized dilapidated and subject to demolition; the presence of people inside it posed a danger to life. Earlier, citizens informed that officials of the Nizhny Novgorod Administration had not carried out any emergency measures in the house for a long time, and therefore possible causes of the incident had not been investigated for over a year. The resettled owners of premises in the dilapidated building were not provided with housing for a long time. The applicants asked for assistance in resolving the issue of providing housing to the citizens or paying them the required compensation.

Head of the ID of the IC of Russia for Nizhny Novgorod Oblast A. S. Akhmetshin informed on the performed work and reported on fulfilling the orders given by the head of the department during the previous reception. The Chairman of the Investigative Committee was informed that to date, a part of the residents of the resettled house received compensation in the total amount of RUB 379 million allocated from the reserve fund of the region. The rest of the victims, at their request, will be provided with apartments in a residential building, which is currently under construction. Also, the citizens have been compensated for expenses related to relocation in accordance with the established procedure. The head of the department asked the applicants whether there were problems requiring his personal intervention. The citizens, in turn, asked to monitor the execution of the planned terms of construction and commissioning of the residential building and expressed gratitude for the assistance. A. I. Bastrykin instructed the head of the oblast investigative department to ensure proper control over the restoration of the local residents' violated rights.