Chairman of the IC of Russia Orders to Initiate Criminal Case on Blowing Up Residential Building in Mariupol

The Chairman of the IC of Russia ordered the investigators to investigate the circumstances of the explosion in a residential building in Mariupol organized by Ukrainian nationalists.

According to the available information, on March 5, militants of the Ukrainian nationalist battalion Azov detonated explosive devices, resulting in the collapse of a residential building in Mariupol. Up to 200 civilians, including women and children, may be still buried under the rubble. Once again, Ukrainian nationalists have shown their true face by harming civilians and ignoring agreements on ceasefire and provision of humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of people.

The head of the IC of Russia pointed out the need for urgently taking all the necessary measures, including in cooperation with the DPR investigative authorities, to identify all nationalists involved in criminal activities.