Congratulations of Chairman of the IC of Russia on International Women's Day

Dear ladies! Employees of the Investigative Committee and veterans of the investigation! Young wards and students of departmental educational institutions!

I heartily congratulate you on the International Women's Day on March 8! Globally, this universal holiday is celebrated in early spring, when everything around is filled with warmth and smiles, personifying the fairer sex. Women bring life, love, harmony and beauty into the world, grant hope and inspiration. The woman is the keeper of the hearth, warmth and family happiness, a source of creative energy!

Today, women work on an equal basis with men in state authorities, in the field of science, education, culture; they hold high and responsible positions. Law enforcement and emergency agencies are no exception. More than 6,8 thousand representatives of the fair sex serve in our department, successfully performing complex tasks related to criminal justice and protecting citizens' rights, while also remaining charming and beautiful.
In all the country's regions, despite your high workload, you provide effective assistance to children who have fallen into a difficult life situation, as well as children of Donbass who were forced to leave their homeland because of the military action. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

I would like to express special gratitude to our wonderful ladies – veterans of investigative authorities, who actively participate in public activities, helping young employees and students. You facilitate finding optimal solutions in difficult situations, share your life experience, becoming a good example for our wards and students. In turn, I would like to wish our young girls, students of cadet corps and academies, success in their studies and further professional activity.

Dear ladies! With your warmth, kindness, and empathy, you make the world a better place. Along with professional success, you preserve the most important things – spiritual beauty, harmony in your families and among your loved ones. Let your cherished wishes come true on this wonderful holiday. We, men, will do our best to make you thrive!

Chairman of the Investigative Committee
of the Russian Federation
General of Justice of the Russian Federation
Alexander Ivanovich Bastrykin