A number of Ukrainian servicemen to be assessed in subjective to the Russian Soldiers life infringement

The Investigative Committee of Russia continues to investigate the criminal case of at least 8 Russian servicemen life infringement by causing multiple bodily harm, including the firearms use. Earlier, the national battalion "Azov" commanders Sergei Velichko and Konstantin Nemichev were involved as defendants. They are charged with the offense of the crime in accordance with Article 317 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (infringement on the life of military personnel). Both defendants are put on the wanted list and arrested in absentia.

FSB of Russia has provided the information related to other persons involvment in the committed crime. Vitaliy Posokhov, SBU Officer is one of them. According to investigation, he recorded the video where the Russian soldiers have being shot on their legs. He is also charged in absentia in accordance with Article 317 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.  He is initiated to be declared as wanted; he is imposed pre-trail restriction as custody. In addition, Ivan Nikiforov, the Azov Battalion fighter, and Sergey Pshenichny, the Head of one of the SBU units in the Kharkovskaya oblast, are being checked for the involvement to the mentioned crime.

The Russian Investigative Committee continues to identify the Ukrainian armed formations units and specific individuals, involved in crimes against Russian military personnel and civilians.