A verdict is adjudicated to members of a criminal group, who were found guilty of attacking the Head of the Territorial Department of Rosimushchestvo (Federal Agency for State Property Management) in Samarskaya oblast

The evidence collected by the investigating authorities of the Investigative Directorate of the Russian Federation for Samarskaya oblast was recognized as sufficient for sentencing nine members of an organized criminal group. Depending on the involvement degree, they were found guilty of committing crimes prescribed in paragraph "a" Part 3, Article 111 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (deliberate infliction of grievous bodily harm committed by a group of persons in collusion), paragraph “h” Part 2, Article 112 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (deliberate infliction of medium bodily harm committed by an organized group, with the use of weapons or items used as weapons), Part 1, Article 115 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (intentional infliction of minor bodily harm), paragraph “d”, Part 1, Article 139 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (violation of inviolability of housing), paragraph “a” Part 3, Article 163 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (extortion committed by an organized group), Part 2, Article 167 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (deliberate destruction and damage of property by arson).

The investigation and the court established that no later than 2016, two residents of the region, Mr. Andrey Filimoshin and Mr. Vasily Grak, who had previously been prosecuted, managed to involve at least 7 more men who, in their opinion, were fully suited to the role of members of an organized group, considering their moral and physical qualities. The direct leadership of the group was taken over by two convicts who, according to the distributed roles, planned the commission of crimes, and also gave instructions to other members of the criminal group. The criminals used the house belonging to one of the convicts, located in Volzhsky raion of Samarskaya oblast for more thorough preparation for the commission of crimes, the development of plans for their commission, the storage of camouflage clothing, as well as items used as weapons. In order to ensure mobility in the commission of crimes, at least 7 vehicles were prepared, allowing the accessories to the crimes to cruiz not only on land, but also on water. To achieve the conspiracy of appearance, the members of the organized group used balaclavas, suits, caps and other items of clothing that were stored on the territory of the mentioned above house. To ensure communication and exchange of information, the convicts used cell phones and subscriber numbers registered, among other things, to third parties. Crimes were committed in different periods of time between 2016 and 2019.

So, on November 10, 2018, the convicts entered a residential building located in Krasnoyarskiy raion of Samarskaya oblast, owned by the Head of the Federal Property Management Agency in Samarskaya oblast, who was the Acting Head of the Federal Property Management Agency for Moscow at the time of the crime. They inflicted multiple blows to the victim with a blunt object in the area of ​​the head, torso and limbs, as well as one blow with a knife in the area of ​​the right half of the chest. At the same time, other group members, using threats, deliberately kept the victim's wife, his three young children, and family helper in the bathroom of the house.

After inflicting the indicated above wounds to the victim, the convicts fled the scene of the crime, the man was taken to the district hospital, where he was timely provided with medical assistance. Leaving the scene of the crime, the convicts found a car belonging to the wife of the victim near the house, and in order to exclude the possibility of its use to contact law enforcement agencies, the criminals made a through cut on the side surface of the rear tire.

During investigation, dozens of inspections of the scene of the crimes were conducted, as well as verification of testimonies at the scene of the crime, examinations of vehicles were carried out, more than 150 interrogations and several dozen forensic examinations were conducted too. The detain of the criminal group members was carefully planned by investigators and carried out by Officers of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Samarskaya oblast and special units of the Directorate of the Russian Guard for Samarskaya oblast. The criminals were captured by SOBR and OMON officers simultaneously at several addresses. Operational support of a criminal case was carried out by officers of the Federal Security Service and the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for oblast.

The court found the members of the organized criminal group guilty of committing the mentioned above crimes, six persons were sentenced to imprisonment for a term of 5.5 to 12 years to be served in a strict regime penal colony, one of the participants was sentenced to probation instead of prison time. The leaders of the group were sentenced to 13 and 14 years in prison to be served in a strict regime penal colony.