A criminal case opened against bankers from Transdniestrian Moldavian Republic suspected of about 160 million rubles embezzlement provided by the Russian Federation as humanitarian aid

General Investigative Directorate of the Russian Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case against Transdniestrian Republican Bank Deputy CEO Oleg Brizitsky, Oleg Smirnov and others suspected of grave crime under part 4 of article 160 of the Russian Criminal Code (misappropriation or embezzlement, that is, the stealing of other people’s property committed by a group of persons in a preliminary conspiracy and on a large scale).

According to the investigation from November 2008 to November 2009 Brizitsky in a preliminary conspiracy with Smirnov and other persons acting from mercenary motives misappropriated and embezzled, that is, stole money provided by the Russian Federation as humanitarian aid to the Transdniestrian Moldavian Republic to pay additional benefits to pensioners and to support the agriculture in the Republic. As a result of their unlawful acts the Russian Federation suffered property damage of about 160 million rubles, that is, on a large scale.

Within the framework of the case Brizitsky and Smirnov are being summoned for questioning as suspects.

According to information obtained by the investigation Oleg Smirnov is registered in Moscow and has Russian citizenship. According to the investigation for the money stolen from Russia Smirnov has bought several apartments in Moscow and a cottage in an elite compound in the Odintsovo district of Moscow region. Smirnov is a founder of several commercial companies in Moscow and the investigation is going to check them on compliance with Russian tax law.

Currently, investigative actions are under way to determine all circumstances of the crime. The investigation is continued.