In Trans-Baikal territory investigators inquiring into death of 35-year old man trying to rob 87-year old veteran of Great Patriotic War

A 35-year old man was found dead on May 21, 2012, in one of the houses in village Kazanovo of Shilkinsky district in Trans-Baikal territory. The Trans-Baikal territory investigative Committee bodies are carrying out pre-investigative check into the incident.

During the examination of the incident scene by a specialist, the investigators found a knife wound on the body of the dead man. It was found out that the 87-year old owner of the house, veteran of the Great Patriotic War, had been taken to hospital with a knife wound to his chest. Witnesses have been questioned.

The investigators assume that the 87-year old veteran killed the 35-year old man as necessary defense.

It was preliminarily established, that at night of 21 May 2012, 35-year old previously convicted resident of village Kazanovo illegally broke into the veteran’s house and demanded money threatening with the knife. When the veteran refused, they started to fight and the veteran stabbed the attacker in the stomach. After that he called the neighbors for help and informed the law enforcement bodies about the incident. At the moment the veteran is in hospital in grave condition. In the fight he sustained a deep knife wound to his chest and numerous bruises.

The investigators set necessary forensic examinations, other measures are being taken to find out the details of the incident. A procedural decision will be taken after the check.