Suspects of crimes against Tatarstan religious leaders detained

Thanks to professional coherent actions of three agencies – Investigative Committee, Federal Security Service and Ministry of Internal Affairs – 4 suspects of murder of Valiulla Yakupov and attempted murder of Ildus Faizov committed on 19 July in Kazan have been detained today. Among the suspects are Chairman of board of directors of the company Idel-Khadzh Rustem Gatullin, 57, leader of parish Vakf a Kazan resident Murat Galleev, 39, a resident of Vysokogorsky district of the Republic Ayrat Shakirov, 41, and a resident of Laishevsky district of the Reoublic Azat Gaynutdinov, 31.

Investigators believe that the main motive was professional activity of the victims, including their ideological disagreement with the opponents. After Faizov was elected Tatrstan mufti he took a tough stance on organizations of radical Islam in the Republic. In addition, he took under control the money flows of the company Idel-Khadzh which was transporting Muslims in Mecca, this became the ground for the quarrel between mufti and the head of the organization who threatened Faizov.

Later investigative bodies detained on suspicion of attack on Faizov a resident of Uzbekistan registered in Kazan Abdunazim Ataboyev, 26. According to investigators, Ataboyev not long before the blasting of Faizov’s car was following it on his car and immediately after the blast rushed from the place. 

Investigators are carrying out necessary investigating operations to establish involvement of each one of the detainees. In case suspicions are not confirmed by the evidence they will be immediately released. Investigation is to be continued.