First in North Caucasus Federal District cadet class patronized by Investigative Committee opened in Stavropol

Today in Stavropol Alexander Bastrykin opened first in the North Caucasus Federal District cadet class of Investigative Committee in municipal school No 24.

At present 3 cadet classes of the Investigative Committee already work in Saint-Petersburg, Murmansk and Khimki in Moscow Region. Alexander Nevski Cadet School of Russia’s Investigative Committee opened in Moscow on 1 September. Stavropol cadet class was awarded an honored name of Lieutenant General of Justice Mikhail Georgievich Yadrov in remembrance of outstanding merits of Head of International Legal Cooperation Office in the Russia’s Investigative Committee who contributed a lot in development of the Committee.

Members of Mr Yadrov’s family attended the opening ceremony.

Making his speech in from of cadets, their parents and teachers the Chairman of the Investigative Committee said that “study in the cadet class will help young people to become highly-qualified specialists in jurisprudence and leadership of the Investigative Committee will do their best to make the training level in cadet classes meet the requirements of modern time”. After the opening ceremony the Chairman of the Investigative Committee attended the first lesson of the cadets History of profession in the history of Fatherland. The objective of the lesson was to explain rile and importance of investigating bodies in the history of our country. The cadet class will teach young people who successfully graduated from 9th grade and are planning to link their professional activity with service in investigating bodies. Among 30 candidates, submitted documents for enrollment, 20 best young people were accepted in the cadet class after entrance tests, including fitness standards and psychological test.

The class room for cadets is equipped with modern machines: an interactive blackboard, multimedia projector, individual laptops, automated teacher’s working place. The room has high-speed Internet access and a Wi-Fi zone. Cadets are going to learn both general subjects and special ones in accordance with their specialization such as: psychology of interpersonal relations, business speaking skills, history of world religions, logics, professional basics (investigation), basics of rhetoric. Cadets will learn three foreign languages: English, including legal terminology, French and Chinese (optional).

Each cadet got memorable presents – a school bag and accessories with SK symbols – and wishes of excellent studies, strong friendship and understanding.

The opening of a museum display was timed to opening of the cadet class. Display shows awards of the Investigative Committee, criminologist equipment and the most valuable exhibit – a dress coat and a cap of Colonel General of Justice Mikhail Georgievich Yadrov. Heads of Investigations Directorates of the Russia’s Investigative Committee in the subjects of North Caucasus Federal District congratulated young people on becoming cadets. The Chairman of the Investigative Committee thanked for help in establishing the cadet class Governor of Stavropol Region Valery Zerenkov, Stavropol Administration Head Andrey Dzhatdoev and Head of Charity Organization of Heroes of USSR, Heroes of the Russian Federation and full cavaliers of Order of Glory in the name of Saint George the Victorious, Hero of Russia Mikhail Minenkov.

After the opening ceremony Alexander Bastrykin visited family of Anna Vladimirovna Davydenko, official of Kabardino-Balkaria Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee died on duty. Chairman of the Investigative Committee congratulated the family on their new home and gave presents – a suite of soft furniture and a laptop. The Chairman also visited the place of terrorist attack near the palace of sports and culture in the center of Stavropol where he laid flowers to commemorate the killed on 26 May 2010.