Two former ministers of Government of Kamchatka Territory suspected of bribe-taking on a large scale

Kamchatka Territory investigating bodies of the Russia’s Investigative Committee have launched criminal proceedings against former Minister of Agriculture, Food and Processing Industries Nikolay Mizinin and former Minister of Property and Land Relations Viktor Pisarenko. They are suspected of crimes under part 6 of article 290 of the RF Criminal Code (bribe-taking on an especially large scale).

According to investigators, in the period between October and December 201, the accused demanded from DEO of ZAO Eskada (CJSC) bribes on an especially large scale for helping to approve at the board of directors of mixed fodder factory the agreement on delivery of grain with ZAO Eskada and for assisting in receiving timely payment. In November and December 2011, at personal meetings with the CEO of ZAO Eskada both Pisarenko and Mizinin demanded bribes for each of them. However, the CEO was saying that there was no money at the moment. After that during a meeting of board of directors of the mixed fodder factory the ministers, knowing that the factory had not settled accounts with ZAO Eskada, in order to press the CEO, said that ZAO Eskada had supplied sub-quality grain to the factory, from which the factory manufactured toxic mixed fodder and supplied it to poultry factory Pionerskoye. This led to mass loss of poultry. After such a pressure, the CEO, backed by the ministers and their guarantees got a loan of 15 million rubles from state-funded facility of the Kamchatka Territory Single Construction Directorate. From this sum the CEO of ZAO Eskada gave 3 million rubles to Pisarenko and to Mizinin a 2011 Nissan Patrol worth more than 3 million rubles.

In April and October 2012 Nikolay Mizinin and Viktor Pisarenko were sacked from the Government of the Kamchatka Territory.

At present investigating operations are under way to establish all the circumstances of the crime. Investigation is to be continued.